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You want to be data-driven. You don’t want buzzwords and broken promises. We’re those data people you just want to sit down and have a conversation with.

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What We Do

We’re a small but powerful team of designers, engineers, and product strategists that help you make better product and business decisions using data.

Design more effective product experiences

  • — Understand how people use your site through analytics, user research, and AB experimentation.
  • — Guide your product roadmap and improve your operations with an iterative, data-driven development process.
  • — Make your products smarter with world-class Search and AI.

Make business decisions with confidence

  • — Find out which marketing channels and campaigns are actually working.
  • — Evaluate new market opportunities with data-backed answers and analysis.
  • — See the story in your data with beautiful, intuitive visualizations.

Build data systems that scale with your business

  • — Democratize data by building a more robust data platform from the ground up from Event Logging and ETL to Data Warehouses and BI Tools.
  • — Navigate the overwhelming number of service options out there and find the right vendors and tools for your needs.
  • — Stay updated with easy-to-read dashboards that keep you on top of your most important metrics.

Services We Offer

  • Strategy and Advising
  • Design and Development
  • Model Building
  • Research and Analysis
  • Data Collection and Crowdsourcing Management
  • Training

About Us

Getting Started with Query Understanding

How to build a search engine that actually understands user intent.

Berlin Buzzwords. Berlin, Germany

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The Team

Gio Fernandez-Kincade

Gio has been working with data, architecting systems, and leading teams of engineers for over a decade. At Etsy he was a Staff Software Engineer that lead the Search Ranking Team, which was responsible for the effectiveness and fairness of Etsy’s core search algorithm, and previously lead the Search Experience Team which worked on the entire Search User Experience. Prior to working at Etsy, Gio worked at CapitalIQ where he designed, built, and maintained a multi-terabyte database, real-time processing-system, and search engine for globally-sourced financial reports. On weekends and early in the morning you can find him surfing in sunny Rockaway Beach, NY.

Ara Kim

Ara has been working at the intersection of data, product development, and operations since 2005. She understands how data systems and people systems need to interact to produce good work, especially in fast-paced environments at scale. Ara has previously worked at Google, where she grew and managed a large data operations group powering Google’s speech recognition and synthesis algorithms in over 60 languages; at Etsy, where she managed the internationalization of their site and the first launches into non-US markets; and at the New York Public Library, as a Senior Project Manager with NYPL Labs, a team considering the future of digital libraries.

Magera Holton

Magera most recently managed the Design Systems Team at Etsy, responsible for building core UX components and design guidelines utilized by product teams every day across the organization. Previously, she managed Buyer Experience, which focused on streamlining the purchasing experience and bringing Etsy’s unique content to the forefront. As an individual contributor at Etsy, she patiently deconstructed and redesigned the site’s two most critical user flows: checkout and the listing process. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her obsessing over renovations to her new Rockaway home. And surfing, of course.

Work With Us

Whether you need help understanding how data can make a difference in your business or you’re looking for a bright team to help you execute on a plan, write us and let’s figure out how we can help.

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